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About. is a Cash-driven Skill-based Tournament Arcade Platform powered by Next Generation UnrealEngine 4 Technology. We aim to innovate within the Online Skill-based Tournament Game space, providing innovative AAA Quality 3D/2D Tournament and Contest Games that cater to both casual and hardcore players.

How It Works.

We’re offering on-demand Tournament/Contest Games you can play anytime to compete for Cash prizes, Virtual prizes, or just for Fun (Free).  Compete Solo or with your Friends as a Team in Player vs. Environment (PvE) and Player vs. Player (PvP) formats.

In Tournament Games, the Team/Player with the Best Score wins. In Contest Games, the First Team/Player to complete the Game’s Main Objective wins.

To Get Started:

  1. Join
  2. Select Games, Download/Install.
  3. Launch Game, Select Game Mode.
  4. Select your Team or go Solo (Meeting Room Lobby.)
  5. Select the Tournament/Contest Lobby to Enter: Progressive (immediately jump into the Competition)  or Match (wait for Competitors to fill)
  6. Pay Admission Fee.
  7. Compete To Win the Prize!
Flagship Games.

ExORION is the first Game Entry in’s Contest Game Line-up currently in development. A adrenaline packed Sci-Fantasy Cooperative First-Third Person Shooter (FTPS) featuring loads of Monsters, Magic, Weapons and Customiztion. Features Experimental Game Modes like  Treasure Hunterm In which Players hunt for the ‘Arculect’ A Virtual Treasure with a ‘Progressive’ Real-world Cash Value.

Beat up Monsters, Grab Loot, Survive, Level Up, Unlock more powerful Weapons – Attacks – Guards – Skills – Spells – Achievements….Seize the Arculect To Win the Cash!

CrowdFunding Arcade.

FUNDERCADE: Buy Tokens. Play Games. Have Fun. Support Our Arcade Platform Development. Become a Arcader and help us attract and commission Top Game Designers, 3D Artists, Animators, Musicians, Writers, Programmers/Scripters, and Filmmakers to produce Awesome and Unique Tournament and Contest Games never before realized using the latest State of the Art Technology.


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