Formed on Dec 06 2017 by Josef Leventon and Frankie Taylor. TEAM JLAPPS is co-developing a TIMEWARP RPG.

Learn more about JosefLeventon Apps here.

Want to join the team and help developing CiviliZationS? It’s all happening here.


Josef Leventon

Team Lead, Lead Programmer (Blueprints Engineering), Game Designer, Soundtrack Concept Artist

Howdy! I am Josef Leventon, member of the JosefLeventon Apps Team Lead, and founder of the same studio. I like programming small games and I am currently creating a game called CiviliZationS with the Headless team and the JosefLeventon Apps Team. Learn more about CiviliZationS here.


Frankie Taylor

Admin Support, Lead Programmer (Blueprints Engineering), Game Designer, Investor

I Love computer games of all genres but, tend to gravitate towards Action FPS, RPGs, and Horror Games. I desire to add more Player creation in my game designs and focus on in-game multi-users Construction and Editing Applications.