P  H  A  S  E
Genre: First-person shooter

Art Styles: Photorealistic, little futurism
Description: The original idea came from an idea to have a shooter that is not designed as a “korean competitive arcade shooter” to allow more complex mechanics and gameplay.
We are bringing you 3 weapon “tiers” subdivided into 3 chamber types subdivided into 3 firerate levels. Each of these chambers can be used to create an unique carbine/SMG, assault rifle, marksman rifle or a sniper rifle/machinegun.  Weapon mechanics won’t allow you to use an SMG as a sniper rifle – it’s not designed to be.
We were players ourselves, and we found situations where your teammates make your rewards suffer easily solvable. You are paid for your performance independently of your teammates.
Getting 100 kills with 1 K/D ratio is equalient to getting 25 kills with 4 K/D ratio.
If possible, we want to allow 32v32 or even bigger battles.

Still, weapon gameplay still was much reminding other FPS series, so we had to add 2 more systems:
Implants will assist your way of fighting, by increasing your moving speed, recoil control or other features you would like to have.
Deployables will let you assist your team or your fighting . Things like ammo dispensers, automated turrets,  mobile shields, underbarrel grenades and EMP charges are really helpful.

We noticed: every shooter customization system is limited to”skins” for weapons and character.
  We are bringing you remodels and improved paints mechanic to give your weapon or character an unique look. For a price.