• Is a Multiplayer Opened Team* Battle Royal  in which Multiple Players execute Heists and other bad deeds all over the fictional City.
  • Inspired by Payday 2, and many other genres, GREEDY BLASTARDS adds zany fantastical elements.
  • Robins (reference Robin Hood)  must utilize a variety of stealth tactics and grit to successfully escape to the Safe Borders to collect their loot. Perspectives: V8 (Vintage Points x 8) First-person/Third-person/Other Angles
  • One Player can participate as The Super Hero whom is provided a large selection of super powers to choose from to customize their Hero and stop the Robbers.
  • One Player can participate asymmetrically as the S.W.A.T Commander to manage/control Patrols/ Guards/ SWAT Personnel to stop the Robbers. The SC can possess any ‘CopBot’ taking manual control at anytime. 
  • The Action takes place in a fictional world with Art inspired by Robot Chicken combining Voxel, Polygonal, Stylized w/ PBR.
  • A Progressive Pay-To-Play Monetization Model; N to 1 Battle Royal, Escape Vehicle (Racer) Features: The game product is built on PROTOS Tech for Highly Granular Customization of Characters, Weapons, Escape Vehicles and more.

*Open Team allows players to coop without force.