In the year 2048, An Alien Craft is shot down over an island. The Private Military Technology Developer  for D.A.R.P.A known as Futuristic Inspired Enhancement Research (F.I.E.R.) takes possession of the ship and converts it into research base. Using the Alien Energy and Matter, FIER develops a radically new Nano Synthetic Biology Armor Technology, codename: O R I O N, with intent to to license the O R I O N s to Nations for both Military and Commercial purposes.

During a demonstration of the ORION Technology , something goes terribly wrong, transforming the the wearers of the armor into Monstrosities. Control over the ORION Tech is lost and the Research Base lost with it. With their last bit of Alien Technology, FIER retreats to an auxiliary Secret Research Facility to   develop a second generation SynBio Armor that suppresses the alien technology from taking over by exposing human stem cells with alien energy. You play as a Genetically Enhanced Soldier (also creation of F.I.E.R), a member of the Ultra Elite Special Forces Team called ExOrion. Their mission, seek out and destroy ORION  before it drives Mankind into extinction.

Inspired by the CRYSIS Franchise, ExORION is a Action-packed Sci-Fi First/Third -Person Shooter (FTPS) 4 Player Co-Op. Play as an ExORION Ultrasoldier, genetically outfitted with a technologically advanced Nano Synthetic Biology Booster Armor (SynBio) and Weaponry. The Armor enables enhanced physical strength, speed, shielding, and cloaking. The Weapon capable of firing non-organic Matter(metal), Plasma, and Energy.

ExORION Face off against …

  • The ORIONS, Man-made Monstrosities mutated from the use of an unknown technology extracted from the crash site of a downed Alien Craft;

  • and a sophisticated Techno Theft-Ring , known as ‘NEUR0’, hell-bent on acquiring the technology for themselves.

Target Audience for Game:

  • RPG players that enjoy Character Customization, building the perfect array of Skills, Armor, & Weapons.

  • FPS players that enjoy a Solid FPS experience with weapon customization and unique set of skills..

  • Co-op Players that enjoy working with Teammates to battle/overcome obstacles.

Development Time-line

1.5 year

Who we’re looking for listed by urgency:

  1. Organics Modeller: Player Character and Weapon Designer, Modelling & Animation Blender3D User is a Plus

  2. Organics Modeller: Creature Designer, Modelling & Animation Blender3D User is a Plus

  3. General 3D Hard Surface Modeler

  4. Architectural Level Designers

  5. 3D/Audio Diegetic UI Design: Indicators/Activators

  6. UnrealEngine Visual FX Technical Artists Materials, Shaders, Particle System Niagra, Post Processing

  7. UnrealEngine Sound FX/Engineering

  8. UnrealEngine Cinematics (Sequencer Animator and Composition)


  1. Experience with Developing in UnrealEngine 4.

  2. Can work with Existing Resources/Assets.

  3. Can work with Internet Imagery We have No Concept Artist

  4. Can work with in-house Custom Tools.

  5. Can work with Google Slide Documents

  6. Positive Attitude.

  7. Can attend Online Team Meeting at least once a month

Join Us:

Apply Online: https://goo.gl/forms/nvIYpTJm3lPjHQYi1
Email: thehlsteam01@gmail.com
Visit Our Discord: https://discord.gg/A4aw35r
Visit Our http://headlessstudios.com.