Is a online multiplayer survival game in a world decimated by WW3 Tungsten Rod Satellites. Upto 64 players can play as a Loner or join 1 of 3 Human Factions (called FRactions), with the ultimate goal of scavenging for
loot (weapons, equipment, tools, food, and water) littered around the fictional Constellation of Cities dubbed Orion. Players can use weapons and traps made with tools to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves.

A 4th Fraction, AI controlled Super Soldiers dubbed Enforcers are a looming threat to all Players. It is optional that Enforcers troops be managed by a Human Player in top/down/isometric view offering an Asymmetric RTS game play element. Animals and Mutations are also AI controlled Threats.

A open world in which a Constellation of ravaged Cities are scattered over large area map area approximately 64 sq kilometres (5.0 mi sq mi) in size. Organic Food can be grown/raised gradually over time requiring Players to secure and fortify areas to support growth.

Players can create their own armor with usable scrap pieces. Body armor which have real world effects (level II can stop pistol rounds, level IV can stop 7.62 etc) and base weapons off real world ballistics, bullet drop, ranging. Basically real weapons interaction. Different reloads for same guns to add diversity.


  • Level Design inspired by Escape from Tarkov.

  • Unique weapon unlocking system

  • Ranking and class selection system.

  • First person view point.

  • Real time military functions (tactics, movements..etc.)

  • Detailed interaction with player.

Design Concept

by DPRO 11/1817

The game would be realistic (Hunger / Stamina / Thirst ) :

— No Health System (Shot in the head = Dead / Shot in the heart = Dead / Shot in the legs = Max amount of stamina is reduced , and you will move slower [Each time you get shot in the legs your max stamina gets
reduced more and more and speed goes down more ! ] / Shot in the hands = Less accuracy -weapon handling and if you get shot in the hands again , you can only use pistols and small weapons / Shot in the torso means your hunger goes down faster and your max hunger – thirst goes up , which means you have to eat and drink more which takes alot of time(edited)

That system would be one of the few things i make from scratch

— Character controller would be FPS with arms only to keep stuff clean , But because i am going for multiplayer , I am going to use Advanced Locomotion System with Kubold’s Rifle/Pistol Animsets which the player cannot see , But only the other players online can see ! (using Switch Has Authority)

And for the FPS Controller – Since i am going for advanced movement i will be using Advanced FPS Controller from your vault

– For multiplayer systems it would be Game Sparks + [ — Chat : > I would use the Chat system we have + Game Sparks IF needed

— Leaderboard : Some basic coding + GameSparks has a leaderboard online subsystem that can work for UE4

— Lobby : The Lobby System we have + Game Sparks

— Friends : Again Some basic coding + Game Sparks and if we are ever going to use steam – Game sparks is preintegrated with steam so no extra work

— Game mode : Some basic coding , since as of right now , i only have 1 game mode [Talk about my comercial plans for it later]


– For the Art : [ — Weapons : _ Ultimate FPS Weapons Pack {Aquired this and submitting it to P4 as of right now , In parts because of internet upload speed //It is 1.6 GBs and it includes FBX+ UAssets}

_ Some Modern Weapons by HOPMACHO which he is planning to sell in UMP and those weapons aren’t related directly to PHASE since they are modern

_Some free weapon packs which i can scramble around incase the weapon quantity looks low

— Maps : _Terrain Based Maps with no cities ….etc and few building, Using LAM Or Some environments that we might already have [Currently i plan 1/2 maps for our current release]

— Characters : two soldier models , which i can get from a unity developer friend of mine who has them from Unity assetstore , I will tell him to send me the FBXs to me

— Props and the likes : [I will see what we have when it comes to those ](edited)

– For the Special Game Systems : [ — Aiming : Advanced Aim Component
Shooting : Either Advanced Weapon BP or Some of my own Code or Weapon Component

<– Might be other systems that i forgot to mention -{ I already mentioned the player controller / character / anim BP.. }


– Networking : [ Most of these packages are pre- networked if not all of them , So i have to put in little to no effort for networking


– Now for the game info : [

The game would focus on something that most FPS games don’t have (even realistic ones like arma) , which is heavy choice making , One bad move and you are OUT , There is no respawn system

For example :

You already have food and water (infinite as of now) , but you have to think about what to do , IF you eat or drink you cannot move or do anything for a bit of time [10-20 seconds] and if you move in this process , that will make your player character more hungry so you have to think about when to do it and where to do it(edited)

There is no HUD , But you can check how much ammo you have , but it takes some time [3-8 seconds] , and if you sprint , an amount of bullets would fall

{End of example}


from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In Greek mythology, Orion (Ancient Greek: Ὠρίων[1] or Ὠαρίων, Latin: Orion[2]) was a giant huntsman
whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion.

Ancient sources tell several different stories about Orion; there are two major versions of his birth and several versions of his death. The most important recorded episodes are his birth somewhere in Boeotia,
his visit to Chios where he met Merope and after he violated her, was blinded by her father, Oenopion, the recovery of his sight at Lemnos, his hunting with Artemis on Crete, his death by the bow of Artemis or the sting of the giant scorpion which became Scorpio, and his elevation to the heavens. Most ancient sources omit some of these episodes and several tell only one. These various incidents may originally have been independent, unrelated stories and it is impossible to tell whether omissions are simple brevity or represent a real disagreement.

In Greek literature he first appears as a great hunter in Homer‘s epic the Odyssey,
where Odysseus sees his shade in the underworld. The bare bones of Orion’s story are told by the Hellenistic
and Roman collectors of myths, but there is no extant literary version of his adventures comparable, for example, to that of Jason in Apollonius of Rhodes
Argonautica or EuripidesMedea; the entry in Ovid‘s
Fasti for May 11 is a poem on the birth of Orion, but that is one version of a single story. The surviving fragments of legend have provided a fertile field for speculation about Greek prehistory and myth.

Orion served several roles in ancient Greek culture. The story of the adventures of Orion, the hunter, is the one on which we have the most evidence (and even on that not very much); he is also the personification of the constellation of the same name; he was venerated as a hero, in the Greek sense, in the region of Boeotia; and there is one etiological passage which says that Orion was responsible for the present shape of the Strait
of Sicily

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