Open-World Action RPG Hybrid set in Apocalyptic World shattered by Dimensional Space/Time Rifts.

In a Universe Where Emitters Exist . who can control Elements by Bending The Particles. Each Tribe has been tasked to protect an element and have been given rules . The Elements: Time, Space, Nature, Rock, Ice, Lava

One of the most important ones is that it’s forbidden for Two people from different Tribes to have a baby . its wasn’t long until an event that lead to the destruction of time and Space . that was the birth of a half Time and Half Space Child. that happened after a man from Time fell in love with a woman from Space not listening to Anybody they got married . in that night . that was the birth of a half Time and Half Space Child . who broke the Rule . and the two parents turned into Ash . Cursing this world with them . and leaving a Half Breed Child . who is able to control both Time and Space . because of the inability for the two tribes to Stop the two lovers . a war has been waged against them by All tribes which lead to their destruction .

The Child has been saved by a normal human . who cannot control Particles . after 20 years . the child . who was named “Boson” . is on a quest to find an Artifact (“Gaea: The Great Map “) which he believes will Fix Everything . but on his journey he will have to survive in a world where he is hunted By Everyone around him “_” means it hasn’t been fully decided

cnTribes: T h e  E l e m e n t a l  D R i f t e r