We could call ourselves a Game Development Studio, but, we’re more than that. We are a International Consortium of Game CoDevelopers that come together to leverage our abilities and ideas to create innovative game titles, game tools, and applications rapidly using State-of-the-Art UnrealEngineTechnology.

Our mission is simple: Promote World Peace by Uniting Game Developers from all over the world to create Kick Ass Games.

We’re constantly on the look out for seriously passionate New and Veteran Game Developers. If you posses a strong desire to create innovative games with a highly motivated team of CoDevelopers from around the World….JOIN US NOW!


ExORION is a Cooperative Sci-Fi First/Third Person Shooter: Battle Kaiju, Mutants, Techno-Terrorist in Alien Powered Super Suit… A Futuristic Game, that incorporates Futuristic Game Concepts and development techniques. We’re Seeking Game Developers experienced with UnrealEngine who desire to be part of a Game Production that aims to entertain, innovate, and inspire. The following positions are opened:


  1. Parts 3D Modeler Organic or Hardsurface.
  2. UnrealEngine Blueprints Scripter.
  3. UE4 Material and Lighting Technical ArtistUE4 Material and Lighting Technical Artist.
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