We could call ourselves a Game Development Studio, but, we’re more than that. We are a International Consortium of Game CoDevelopers that come together to leverage our abilities and ideas to create innovative game titles, game tools, and applications rapidly using State-of-the-Art UnrealEngineTechnology.

Our mission is simple: Promote World Peace by Uniting Game Developers from all over the world to create Kick Ass Games.

We’re constantly on the look out for seriously passionate New and Veteran Game Developers. If you posses a strong desire to create innovative games with a highly motivated team of CoDevelopers from around the World….JOIN US NOW!


Is an Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO that provides an Interactive 3D Playground for the TheGameDevStore.com powered by UnrealEngine 4.  The game draws inspiration from Playstation HomeGarry’s ModThe SandboxKingdom Hearts, and many FPS games. Creating “Dreamworlds” (game world servers) suitable to crossover several themes and art styles.

Built on a Multiplayer FTPS/RPG ‘Game Framework’ providing several Game Modes using modular game mechanics (Mutators), Players collaboratively construct levels and entities, play testing assets during game-play. Players can purchase any of the digital content within the game worlds for download on-demand at anytime.

Core Features:

  1. MMO (1000+ concurrent Users).
  2. FTPS/RPG Game Core.
  3. Full-service Shopping Mall/Marketplace.
  4. VR Support.
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