Dragon’$ Gold is a simple game of Mazes and Monsters, but, could be more elaborately described as A Fantasy-themed Co-Op, First-Person Action Role Playing, Roguelike Dungeon Crawl, Hack n Slash Treasure Hunt for CA$H. A Massive Labyrinth in which Heroes battle Monsters on a Quest to be the First to seize the Dragon’s Gold, a Virtual Treasure with a Real-World Ca$h Value!

Heroes dispatch monsters with a combination of Melee (short range), Projectile Weapon (Moderate/Long range), and Magic (Area effect). Encounter a wide assortment of Monsters types from Titans to Hordes, each with their own behavior, movement patterns, and combat tactics utilizing multiple offense and defense strategies.

Combat uses a ternary equal-opposite relationship (aka Roshambo) between Elements (etc: Fire/Ice/Metal) to determine Attack/Guard effect for both Hero and Monster. Heroes must rely on strategy, memory, and each other to navigate the maze, solve puzzles, and defeat traps.

Beat up Monsters, Grab Loot, Survive, Level Up, Unlock more powerful Weapons – Attacks – Guards – Skills – Spells – Achievements….Seize the Dragon’s Gold To Win the Cash!


  • Cash-Driven Skill-based Monetization Models 
    • ‘Competitive Questing’
    • Several Traditional PvP/PvE Cash-Driven Tournaments Game Modes: CTF, Micro-MOBA, DeathMatch, Maze Race, Others
  • Item Mall Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Procedural Generated Mazes
  • Collage Construction 3D ‘Art Style’

    • Dynamic Dismemberment
  • Extreme Player Customization Options for Function and Appearance.
  • Three (3) Party Cooperative
  • Fast-paced Action Combat
  • Sophisticated Enemy AI
  • VR Support, Stereoscopic Modes
  • Distinct Styles and Input support for First-Person Melee Combat, Magic Casting, Dual Firearm
  • Targeted for PC Platform

Design Overview

Dragon’$ Gold embraces modular design at several layers of development. Comprised of a game-play core and several editing app modules that can operate as standalone Apps. Editing Apps are scripted entirely in Blueprints providing a in-game UMGUI Frontend/Backend.

All high level 3D Entities Categories: Character & Monster Head/Body, Character Armor, Monsters, Melee & Fire Weapons, Crafts/Vehicles, Props/Furniture, Architecture, Structures, and Hybrids are modular to support manual customization, semi-automatic assembly, and procedural generation at run-time.

On the Backend, Game Devs can collaboratively prefabricate Entities for Treasure Hunts/Tournaments. On the Front end, Players can collaboratively customize Character, Armor, Melee & Fire Weapons.