Originally founded on March 30th 2017 by the recruitment efforts of DPROBOY and Frankie ‘TechLord’ Taylor. The Studio was re-organized and rebranded as on August 3rd 2018, with Frankie ‘TechLord’ Taylor assuming Sole Founder and Game Development Lead.

As a Business Entity, operates as a subsidiary of, developing unique state-of-the-art 3D computer games based on Epic Megagame’s UnrealEngine Technology.


Frankie TaylorGame Development Lead, Admin Support, Recruiter, Lead Blueprints Engineer, Game Designer, Investor, Founder

ExORION: Blueprints Systems Replication Engineering – LobbySystem, EquipSystem, AgentSystem,  AI Design and Programming, Construction/Customization Systems: {Creatures, Character Armor, Weapons, Vehicles,  Campaign}  Power Suit System, Skill Trees system, Cinematic Dialogue System, Website Interface, Steam Interface, In-app API Integration.

I Love computer games of all genres but, tend to gravitate towards Action FPS, RPGs, and Horror Games. I desire to add more Player creation/expression in my game designs and focus on in-game multi-users Construction and Editing Applications. I choose UE4 to build my dream game project Dragon’$ Gold.


Nick Wettstein: UE4 Blueprints Systems Programmer.

ExORION: Construction/Customization System Programmer.

I grew up with Lego video games and, inspired by them, I started creating a Lego character in Blender from where I kept moving and found the Unreal Engine
I especially like RPG, Adventure and FPS


Ricardo Camara: UE4 Blueprints Systems Programmer, 3D & 2D Artist.

ExORION: WeaponSystems, PlayerSystems Assist, Blueprints Technical Support.

Hello! I’m addicted to games since I was little, especially RPG, and it was not long before I wanted to be part of the development of games and work with that full time, currently I’m perfecting myself as a programmer and it’s a honor to be part of the Headless team.


Lee Steffanily: Graphic Design, Logo Design, 3D Art.

ExORION:  Concept Artist, UI/UX Designer

LEEJUN734 is going to put some cool info about herself here soon.


Maillot David: Dynamic Soundtrack Composer.

ExORION:  SoundTrack.

DART FROG is going to put some cool info about himself here soon.


Emma Breezy: Voice Actor, Story Writer.

ExORION:  Voice Acting, Story Writing.

EMMA BREEZY is going to put some cool info about herself here soon.